My growing number of happy customers have left some fantastic reviews. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.


“Alfonso is extremely talented and adaptable. He was able to take our (not so well written) script, and make it sound like a million bucks. With the holidays interrupting my ability to timely communicate, he was patient and super cooperative to work with me on my time and communicate every-step of the way there, and during the process to ensure we liked it. 10/10 would recommend Alfonso.”


“Blazingly fast delivery with such quality. He was able to figure out how to set the tone perfectly. I’m really happy with the result and will definitely order again!”


“Alf[o]nso recorded the exact way I imagined it to be! Is there a better way to describe how amazing is that.”


“You definitely bring my project to life. Working wit you is very productive and effective. The first delivery was the last. Everything was recorded perfectly timed with the video. It saved me a lot of time in editing the commercial. And everyone loved it.”


Al[f]onso did a fantastic impersonation of our video game character. The job consisted of several different mood performances, we did a few test runs, he really got into character and nailed all the performances. It was a splendid collaboration and I would definitely work with him again.


Delivery was exceptionally quick, the audio sounded great and Alfonso was amazing to work with. We needed about a 40 second voice over and he even took a second go at it with a different tempo. Thank you very much Alfonso, much appreciated.

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