My name is Alfonso Giansanti II. And I’m a Voice Actor

Already well versed in acting and improvisational comedy with 15 years of on stage experience, Alfonso earned several voice acting roles in podcasts, (Queens of the Sapphire Sea, Star Wars: Roll One) and short films (Aweigh) by 2019. It wasn’t until 2020, however, that he embarked on his own personal journey to record, edit and master his own material as a profession.

Beginning with just a good microphone and free software, Alfonso hit the ground running and began to learn how to produce better and better quality audio, tapping into his acting experience to bring roles to life, and his naturally robust voice to imbue the work with a professional tone. Over the course of the year, he learned the tricks of the editing trade from a 15 year EA Games VO editing veteran and slowly built up his home studio, honing his recording prowess and mastering skills.

With nearly 200 projects under his belt, Alfonso is ready to work hard to bring his talent and experience to your project, and will work closely with you to deliver the tone, enthusiasm and style that you are looking for in your voice over, whatever the project.