A Letter of Intent

Dear Reader – Or Listener, as it were!

Could you believe I almost lost out on the opportunity to make this a recording?

This marks the beginning of what I plan to be weekly updates describing some of the projects I’ve worked on over the week. The challenges, the interesting nuances, the exciting characters. The drama of the everyday life of a man just trying to make his way in the world of Voice Over.

Why? Well, I’m not too sorry to say that it’s much more for me than it is for you. I think it’s healthy to take a look at what you’ve done over the course of your week – or what you haven’t. To celebrate your victories, and mourn your defeats, big or small. To reflect.

This is a better way to learn from myself than what I’ve been doing. Namely, throwing all of the ingredients of my experiences into an enormous pot and stirring the hell out of it, then finding out what it tastes like at the end, hoping for the best. My new cooking method will start with a heated splash of intention. Then, a dash of structure, and maybe a pinch of mindfulness. Taste. Adjust seasoning accordingly.

If I can write down what I felt worked, and what didn’t; what I enjoyed, and what I loathed; what approaches I made, and what opportunities I missed; well then, maybe I can just learn to do all of this better.

So here, I decree that, weekly, two hours of my life will be devoted to you, reader, and to telling you my stories, whether they be banal and dismal and yawn-inducing or intriguing and thoughtful and romantic. And of course by devoted to you, I do mean, devoted to me.

Good luck to us both,

Yours, Mine, and Ours,


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